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  • Eating and drinking odorous foods in the car…
  • Smoking in the car, the cigarette smoke affects the health of everyone sitting inside…
  • The interior smell, food, and air pollution inside the car can lead to motion sickness and increase the risk of respiratory and lung diseases.

The Aromatherapy Machine will address those issues.

Cleanse unwanted odors in your car, purify and freshen the air, diffuse pleasant fragrances for your precious vehicle. Enhance the driving experience with a space that radiates both comfort and sophistication.

Utilizing advanced German technology, the air is extracted into a mist form, combined with the machine’s propulsion and air conditioning, ensuring the diffusion throughout the entire car.

Durable battery life, lasting up to 60 days on a single charge.

Safety in driving, sustained health and indulging in an elegant space with the essential oil diffuser – Your journey is not just a drive but a beautiful and secure experience.


Adrian Stuart
Verified Buyer

I really like this !!! was a bit confused at first but it looks so pretty, shipping took 13 days and the product came undamaged, no need to communicate with the seller. again, it’s so pretty, get it cause why not ?! realizing this review sounds fake, I promise I am a real person that has a real life

Eoin Cherry
Verified Buyer

Material looks cheap, almost everything similar to other machine, only look is OK. It is too early to write about quality

Kaitlin Ford
Verified Buyer

I thought it was bigger but I'm glad to be looks nice and do all the function you say I recommend

Riya Love
Verified Buyer

This is a wonderful little diffuser; the shape is attractive, it's quiet and it offers two mist volumes. It also runs longer than my previous 500 ml diffuser, a teardrop-shaped gizmo that required you to take the tank to a faucet to fill it. With this, you just remove the lid and fill it in place. The lights are also kind of fun -- dimmer and brighter of multiple colors -- and there is a timer feature, which I have not used, as I run it pretty much continually. I'm not sure why anyone would need a remote control for such a device, but maybe you are; in any case, it's included.

Halima West
Verified Buyer

I not only purchased this diffuser as a gift, but I bought one for myself also. It has a large capacity water holder to allow for a longer run time, multiple colored light choices and makes no noise at all when it is running. There is also an option to have the steam come out either slow or in a stronger stream. Very nice unit. It's a real plus have a remote so that you don't have to squint to look at the buttons on the machine. I am very happy with this purchase.

Dewi Willis
Verified Buyer

I purchased this for my bedroom last week and have fallen in love with it. I ended up purchasing 3 more (1 for my work office, my son's room and my living room). I couldn't be happier with it and can't say enough great things about it. It does what it says and works great; I love that it has a remote, it holds 500mL and that seems to last a long time; it is a good size so it easily fits on anything and fits in any room. I highly recommend this diffuser you won't regret it.

Jordanne Ayers
Verified Buyer

I have been using this daily for a couple of weeks now and haven’t had any issues. I live is a larger home and this works much better than I expected. I usually set it on the intermittent spray and leave it on all day. I don’t really use the light, as that isn’t my thing. It is quiet enough that several times I find myself checking to make sure that it is still on.

Denzel Reilly
Verified Buyer

Of all the diffusers I've had, I like this one the best. It's attractive, easy to use and runs about 15 hours before cutting off automatically. Depending on which oils you use, you may have to wash it out periodically, but that's an easy task. The run time depends on the amount of water you put in and it does not spit and make a mess on the counter top like some others I've had. It's almost noise free, so very quiet. The remote works well and offers many features.

Liana Martin
Verified Buyer

Great Diffuser! I’ve had for over a month and Like it a lot . It’s quiet and a great night light! It had two settings for the flow small and large. So it’s great when you want to make you space smell good fast. I like the remote too. I use it everyday.

Angelina Wilcox
Verified Buyer

I had a problem with the original unit. I emailed sellers and they immediately responded & were legitimately concerned. They shipped replacement unit very quickly. It works much better than expected. I would recommend this Seller 110%.

Fynn Oconnell
Verified Buyer

Love this so much. It's changed my life. my hair and face are less oily and my skin is less dry and my hair isnt as frizzy. the light function is easy to use and i like using the blue nightlight. Yay!!

Herman Cooke
Verified Buyer

I use this in my classroom and its great! I have bought a second one as a gift. Mist flow is excellent and the light colors are beautiful. Lasts all day.

Erica Mendez
Verified Buyer

For the ppl saying “the light is annoying” come on. You can turn off the light by hitting the remote. Also you may need to buy some sents for it, but it’s very good, has a timer and everything

Emmy Ali
Verified Buyer

This is pretty amazing, works like a champ, easy to control, clean and maintain. What more can you ask for..

Mari O'Neill
Verified Buyer

I can hear it when it’s on but I usually sleep with a fan as well so it gets drown out. It’s my first diffuser I’m not sure if there are others that push out more smell. But it does the trick if you use a potent oil, smells great, and I LOVE the timer. I can set it to scent up the bedroom, go to sleep, and not need to worry about candles or it running itself dry during the night. Great diffuser as far as I can tell.

Phyllis Mueller
Verified Buyer

It’s very quiet ( can’t hear it at all tbh) and can fill a large room with whatever scent you put in it. It has a continuous feature, 1 hour, 2 hour, 3 hour modes, intermittent mode (10 second intervals of it being off and on, many different colors you can set it to, and a nice color fade option. Would highly recommend

Connie Gay
Verified Buyer

Bought for my mom for Christmas and she loved it, it looks cool and smells pretty good. 10/10 would recommend.

Judy Ramirez
Verified Buyer

Very easy to set up. Great scent throw. Love the colored light, can stay on one color or rotate. Remote control is super handy, and it's very quiet. What's not to love?

Barnaby Williamson
Verified Buyer

I am new to essential oils and love this product. It has a large reservoir, it’s not noisey, and it allows be to enjoy my oils for hours.

Kamal Serrano
Verified Buyer

I love this humidifier. Smaller than I expected, but perfect size.

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