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Ultrasonic Bed Bug Killer, De-acaricide Instrument Wireless

Did you know that bed bugs and dust mites are the leading cause of allergies, illnesses and respiratory problems in adults and children? Tick and bed bug bites cause dermatitis, nasal congestion, eczema, rhinitis, flu symptoms, acne, allergies, itchiness and other common health problems.

With the Ultrasonic Bed Bug Remover, Acaric Remover, you can get rid of these dangerous pests without using harmful chemicals or dramatically changing your current habits! This device protects your home by emitting ultrasonic waves and electromagnetic fields that attack the central, nervous and auditory systems of pests. The best part is that these waves are completely inaudible to humans and pets! It silently kills bed bugs in the deepest parts of the mattress so you can have a good night’s sleep!


  • Keep your bed a healthy place to rest. Removes dust mites, insects and aphids.
  • Chemical-free and hypoallergenic against bed bugs and dust mites.
  • Non-toxic and perfect for allergy sufferers plus harmless to pets and children.
  • Small and portable device. Take it with you when traveling and when staying in new hotels and places overnight.
  • Simple and easy setup. Just turn it on and bed bugs will be your least concern.
  • Potential. One unit will be able to accommodate one king-size bed or one room size.

Use UltraSonic Bed Bug Killer with confidence. It protects you from bed bugs, dust mites and other harmful insects by emitting ultrasonic & electromagnetic waves that attack the auditory and central nervous systems of the pest. The best part is that these waves are completely inaudible to humans and pets!

It silently kills bed bugs in the deepest parts of the mattress, so you can get a good night’s sleep even when the unit is on!

This product relies on a microprocessor to create a force field in your home. It emits sound waves and ultrasonic pulses that randomly generate digital sequences to prevent harmful insects from breeding and eating. This miracle device sends rodents, bugs and other pests running!
This product also continuously switches the mode frequency, preventing errors on suspicion and immunity to a fixed number. It has low power consumption and long life up to 10 years. So you don’t need to worry about red electricity bills or replacing equipment every few years.

Incredibly easy to use, all you need to do is plug it into a wall outlet 15-20 inches from the floor. When the red LED is on, it means it is working! You’ll forget it’s even there since it’s completely silent to humans and pets. But you will definitely notice the absence of pests in your home!


  • Rated frequency: 55 Hz
  • Vacuum function: Remove dry hard by ultrasonic wave
  • Dust storage type: Dust-free
  • Special faucet: flat suction hose
  • Vacuum cleaner type: ultrasonic acaricide removal machine
  • White

Package includes:

  • 1 x Ultrasonic Bed Bug Killer, De-acaricide Instrument Wireless


John Asak
Verified Buyer

This is 3 rd one I’ve gotten and they work!!! Great for bedroom, outside- wherever

Terry Fabisiak
Verified Buyer

This thing is awesome. Plugged it in and wow. We could sit on our patio and actually enjoy the evening. When it got unplugged by accident is when it was really obvious it works. About 10 minutes and we had been inundated with mosquitoes. When it was plugged back in it took about 20 minutes and we had a clear patio again. When I seen the video of the young man that invented it I thought it was worth looking up to see what it would cost. I was pleasantly surprised to find it was under $20. So if you are looking for a better way to rid your place of mosquitoes this is definitely it.

Jason S
Verified Buyer

Super duper quiet. Worked for other pesky bugs, not just mosquitoes. The blue light looks great, too! May order a couple more to to keep of the patio instead of using citronella candles.

Elaine Anderson
Verified Buyer

The electric mosquito killer is amazing!!! I was skeptical because it was so cheap in price but the quality of the product is terrific. It’s so easy to work. Set it where you want it & plug it up. No more sprays or candles to get rid of mosquitoes for us!!! I extremely recommend this product to everyone!!!!

Mike Martin
Verified Buyer

Attracts mosquitoes, moths & other flying bugs. We liked it so much we purchased a 2nd one.

Helena Kowalyck
Verified Buyer

When applied for the first time, the fan's low voice and slight air stretch seemed to raise suspicion for it.What did you buy wrongBut when seen this morning, 25 to 30 mosquitoes were found dead and 4-6 were also alive.It is now decided to take 2 more

Connie Bussey
Verified Buyer

Tested for 2 days, working as described, it is a must have if you are worried about mosquitoes,Excellent product, 5 stars

Verified Buyer

This product works great. On an average 30 to 40 mosquitoes gets trapped inside it during the season of more mosquitoes. When the mosquitoes are less they are trapped less. But this really traps so many mosquitoes that you won't be troubled by them anymore.

Verified Buyer

I found this mosquito lamp quite effective in killing mosquitoes.It works well when lights are turned off and all mosquitoes get attracted towards it. It runs practically silent and easy to clean.No noise and no distinct unwanted smoke.

Verified Buyer

It is a very nice product. It is easy to use as it requires only a USB to operate. It is also very durable as the material is very strong and light. Also it is very light to could be taken to any place without any problem. The price defines the product. I really like this product.

Laura P
Verified Buyer

Wow it's great and look Amazing .It kills mosquitoes without any noiseThe led mosquito killer is amazing!! I was bit worried because it was so Cheap in price but the quality of the product is very goodOverall worth the price.10/10 from my side.

Andrea m
Verified Buyer

both mosquito and flies are traped by this machine easily. this electric machine is light weight and durable. it has usb port . it doesn't produce any noise and no emmition of gas. it is safe for kids . and also portable you can take one room another easily. i like this product

Verified Buyer

This electric mosquito killer lamp has an amazing design. Can also be used as a night lamp. It is chemical free, no poison, no disturbing sound. Very easy to use. Just simply plug in and press the button. Kills mosquito very fast. Have a peacefull sleep without mosquitos biting you. Value for money. If you have mosquito issue go for it.

Verified Buyer

This electronic device is really great and I really liked the concept behind this product. A best way to get rid of mosquitos, flies and other flying insects. It's light weight, durable and works perfectly. It's low on power consumption and also safer for kids, no irritating sound and best thing is it is smell free so no harm to kids and adults. Very satisfy and quality of the product. The delivery was fast and and good packaging, received in a good condition. Thanks to seller. This device utilizes a pure physical way to kill the flies, moths, and mosquitos. It’s environmentally friendly, contains no pesticides or insecticides, and uses low voltage.

Verified Buyer

Review after 2days. If u want true mosquito killer without smoke and without smell then u can choosa this. But if u use this pls turn on this before 3hours of going bed it was effective killer but it takes some time.

Verified Buyer

The product works very well. I have it installed in our kitchen which usually have ant issues and they have been running away when Machine is on. I have two dogs and so far they seem to have no problem with the machine. It works for me really well. I recommend it.

Verified Buyer

My problem was solved related to pest good product for pest controlling

Verified Buyer

it works very well, my shop is now free from insects

Paul Kim
Verified Buyer

Very helpful for killing mosquitoes.it's action can be seen in 10 mins. , I found it very useful at this point of time. Must needed product at this point of time

Lori T.
Verified Buyer

I bought this lamp during rainy season to catch Mosquito .I think that it is useful when I put in my charger point fan start rotate and display dark blue light for attract Mosquito .I wek up in morning and open lamp so many Mosquito catch in it and amd some other incets cath working good .nice experience

Verified Buyer

I found This electronic led mosquito trap very usefull it really help to trap mosquitoes in its trap it is far batter than any mosquitoes coil it not have any smell it not have any smoke it’s very safe for everyone and also works very effectively thanks amazon for such a innovative products

Verified Buyer

It Works very well in trapping mosquitoes as well as lightning device.keep away mosquitoes without any harmful fragrance radiation etc.No refill, no chemical gases/liquid needed.

Portia D.
Verified Buyer

Mosquito trapper does a decent job. I must tell that the trapper does not attract all mosquitoes if the room is big in size and dumped with stuffs. Suites small room.The quality of the plastic is neither great nor bad. However i recommend this product for its cost, durability and performance.

Verified Buyer

Bought this in this rainy season to get rid of mosquito in my room and shocked to see the amazing result. Very happy to see the results now my room is mosquito free. Its working perfecty. Build quality is strong and looks very good.

Karen Vasquez
Verified Buyer

This product is such a relief from the poisonous smell of mosquito repellents. It is working well, the mosquitoes tended to increase for the first couple of days as mentioned on the pack but it is now reducing gradually.

Cindy Lee
Verified Buyer

A very helpful product as there are mosquitoes at my place due to rainy season so this is a blessing for me .A very effective and helpful thimg

Helen H
Verified Buyer

It can also be used at night lamp with no noise to disturb your sleep. Its purple light wave technology kills mosquitos efficiently and eliminates all flying insects. Very easy to use, just plug it in and press button and it will start working

Verified Buyer

A very helpful product as there are mosquitoes at my place due to rainy season so this is a blessing for me .A very effective and helpful thimg

Verified Buyer

this mosquito killer was working as i expect..its look cool and acctrative..its best think is its working on power and laptop also..its kill mosquito less times..its work fine..

Cristina H
Verified Buyer

Perfect, noiseless, no fumes or chemicals and best thing is we don't have to inhale any of those smells and chemical fumes like the traditional mosquito killers work.

Kevin Yang
Verified Buyer

This is an innovative products which helps you get rid of mosquitoes in the monsoon season. Works well and keeps you protected from disceases like malaria and dengu. No sound or bad smell whatsoever.

Calvin D
Verified Buyer

was looking for mosquito killer ... Ordered this one amazing product from here..... very effective and cost friendly..space saver .. good for house and small places

Verified Buyer

Product doesn't look good but works perfect

Verified Buyer

Liked the Product, but its fan is too weak. Could have been more powerfuf

Verified Buyer

one of the best product found in the market . The coils and all other material may not work properly but it seems to be working very effectively. Due to its Ultrasonic sound maximum of the Rats, Cockroach, Mosquito, getting out of my home. I loved this product a lot.

Verified Buyer

Simply attracts the mosquitoes by the particular type of led user and kills with the electrical current. Nice and easy.

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