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  • [Universal compatibility] – USB+type-c dual interface, fast charging car charger can charge various devices, including mobile phones, tablets, etc.

  •  [100W super fast charging speed] – The fast car charger provides PD 100W (maximum) output, which can quickly charge iPhone 11 from 0% to 50% in 30 minutes.

  •  [Charging two devices at the same time] – The on-board charger can charge two devices at the same time. When charging two devices at the same time, fast charging is supported.

  •  [Super mini size and smooth appearance] – The diameter is only 20 mm. The upgraded mini model reduces the size by 50%, which is smaller than a coin. Invisible interface design, delicate appearance, small size, no space, small handle design, more easy to plug.

  •  [High quality and safety] – The metal material has fast heat conduction and is equipped with intelligent chip over-temperature protection. The car is not hot when charged for a long time, and it is safer to charge at low temperature.


  • Material: aluminum alloy
  • Weight:30g

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Inaya Olsen
Verified Buyer

My reason for buying this was two-fold. First, the power outlet in my wife's car doesn't have a cover. And, the three year old, discovered that pennies from the change tray fit perfectly in that hole. Which, sparked wonderfully, and blew the fuse. Second, my wife uses her phone to hotspot my son's tablet on car rides. (Which, living in the countryside are always long.) Her phone would drain down to critical levels, and plugging into the car's USB port didn't charge the phone fast enough. So, I decided I needed a USB 3.0 charger, that sat as flush as possible in the socket, so it wasn't in the way if not needed, but keeps the socket covered at all times. After reading the reviews, this seemed to fit the bill. I love that it is a metal shell, and not that cheap molded plastic most are. And, it works a charm. The USB-C port engages my wife's phone's "Turbo Charge" which will not only keep up with the demands of the hotspot wi-fi, but will charge on top of it. Now, everytime she leaves her car, she has 100% battery, and we don't have to worry about anymore blown fuses.

Juanita Dorsey
Verified Buyer

Very good delivery. I have another product that is almost the same as this but it is really bad. I am very disappointed and regret buying the product it. because I didn't read the reviews first. finally I did not use other brand products, I then opened my amazon to buy new products that were better and amazing. finally I found this product before I bought this product, I read reviews from other buyers, I was surprised their reviews were very good and extraordinary. then I bought this product and when it arrived at my home. I immediately use it, this product is very good no one can match the quality of this product. I am very happy to get this product. I highly recommend this product. If you don't buy this product, you will regret it. because you will not get the best quality besides this product

Priya Charles
Verified Buyer

I'm not even going to lie! I literally didn't have any positive thoughts about this charger and it's cable until I pulled it out of the package! This thing is solid it's got an awesome little neon blue light and it charges USB and type c cable! I'm in love lol. Im buying 3 more haha!

Kamila Frank
Verified Buyer

This is the best USB Car Charger I've ever purchased. It's solid, a metal body, has some weight. Not some cheap flexible metal, it's solid quality. There are 2 charging ports, which had me a bit confused when I was looking at it to possibly purchase. One of the ports is the USB Type-A, like you'd see in any other charger or the side of your laptop. The other charge port is USB Type-C, as you'd see with newer phones, excluding Apple obviously. It ships with an included Male-to-Male USB Type-C. Like your phone charging cable, but both ends are the same as what you'd connect into the port on your phone. The other thing to mention is that it sits basically flush with the outlet. It barely sticks out of the "Cigarette Lighter" outlet. It's an awesome product. Very glad I purchased this one. Plastic Chargers, while they can be nice and good quality, it's only a matter of time before the sides of the charger begin showing wear, showing grooves of pulling it in/out of the outlet.

Aleesha Lord
Verified Buyer

Fits perfectly in outlet and had nice flush look. Feels very quality/high-end. Great to be able to charge usb c at high speed. Only downside is that the adapter is held in place by 2 ball bearings inside the outlet (vs. other adapters that have the spring clips) and when changing cables the adapter will sometimes pull out with it if you're not careful. Otherwise very happy!

Tamara Cortes
Verified Buyer

Thank god for this charger. So happy with it as soon as i plugged it. Was so tired of waiting 10 min for 1% battery life. This gave me 1% almost a min or 2. Great charger quility and didnt even know it brought a usb c cable. Awesome! Love it thanks

Zoya Alcock
Verified Buyer

This little thing is military grade quality! If you want a charger you can throw into a wood chipper and when it flies out the other end you have a baseball bat and hit a home run, but the velocity sends it crashing through your ex wife's bedroom window and knocks out her divorce lawyer Sam Bernstein who she's "paying off" during your weekend with the kids, and after you find the charger in little Timmy's backpack it still charges your IPad in 53 minutes, then this is the charger for you!

Said Petersen
Verified Buyer

I was looking for a good USB-C car charger to go with my phone mount that supports wireless charging. I have a Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra, and with this charger, I'm able to get both of the fastest charging capabilities that come with the phone: Fast Wireless Charging and Super Fast Charging. I'm able to get all of this out of something this inexpensive, so I can't recommend this product enough. If you choose to use the C port and the QC 3.0 port at the same time, the charging speed of the C port will definitely go down; the last time that I checked, using both ports led to my phone to go from Super Fast Charging to either Fast Charging (Quick Charge 2.0, I believe), or Cable Charging. This isn't a con, but definitely a warning worth mentioning.

Dania Almond
Verified Buyer

I previously used regular usb, usb quick charge version 2, or quick charge version 3. Forget them. Usb C has no orientation for the plugs, but even better USB C is way faster charger with any phone made in the last 2 years. Probably twice as fast as a usb v3 quick charger. Phone will go from empty to full in under an hour. You will never go back to a standard usb port. I have gradually replaced everything else in the house, car, and boat. Of course, this little charger will not charge a Nintendo switch, or your laptop, etc. But for phones, it cant be beat.

Oluwatobiloba Hines
Verified Buyer

It's as small as shown/advertised and is heavy for such a small device. Haven't used it much yet so longevity is unknown, but seems to be a quality product based on look, feel, and weight. Charges Samsung phone just fine and fits great in a cramped car compartment in our van. The included cable is quality and a bonus especially being USB C to C. Would recommend this to anyone looking for a resolution to terrible car built-in USB ports that doesn't take up extra room (like wall warts do nowadays).

Anniyah Oconnell
Verified Buyer

I was skeptical when I bought this one, after browsing countless pages looking for a decent vehicle fast charger for my note 20 ultra, but I'm glad I decided on this one, the build quality is exceptional and it works exactly as advertised, one fast charge usb-c and one USB A port below, I get a full charge on my way into work while using Bluetooth and it's always at 100% when I arrive, it also includes one USB C cable which is cool, haven't broken yet lol.

Andreea Oconnor
Verified Buyer

This car charger is excellent. It charges so fast that I was really surprised by it! I had a terrible quality charger that I bought at a gas station before this one and it barely charged intermittently, so this is a hyper-improvement! The metal base feels heavy and high quality and the cord is strong and the USB connection adheres well inside the charging port, not slipping. I am hoping this will last a long time, but would probably get another one even if it doesn't since it charges faster than any charger I have ever owned.

Wilfred Lowry
Verified Buyer

This is great quality and charges my note 20 very quickly and fits into my Tesla very nicely. Other ones I have used are very lose. If you have Tesla Model S, you will know what I am talking about. The 12V is located in the center console where you drop all your belongings. Many other ones I have tried came out lose because items get tangled up with charging sires. This adaptor is very secure and does not stick out like others. I highly recommend it

Kairo Castillo
Verified Buyer

My phone has a big battery so I have struggled to find any charger that would do more than add a few percent while I'm using it. I have tried probably five chargers before I found this one. This thing is a beast. Quick charge even when you have Google maps and several other apps running

Leonidas Montgomery
Verified Buyer

This is by far the best car charger for my Samsung galaxy S20. It charges very quickly and it's kind of heavy in weight especially compared with other metal chargers I've used. I absolutely would recommend this only if your phone supports fast charging otherwise it will get your phone battery a little warm if not fast charging capable. The included cable is military grade durable USB C type and I believe will hold up for a very very long time. Definitely a must for your vehicle. Very satisfied with my purchase ☺

Malaki Wiggins
Verified Buyer

Bought this about a month ago to replace the old slow charger in my suv. This this is FAST. Charges my Galaxy Note 20 very quickly. Low profile - doesn't stick out that far. Dual ports, so you can charge 2 devices at one . I've got my USB-C Samung phone plugged into it when I drive, and also have a Lightning charging cable hooked up for my apple friends. Excellent product. Have several Ainope products, and have never been disappointed. Definitely worth the price.

Rahim Johnston
Verified Buyer

Great car charger . With a USB a to c fast charging cable it charges my galaxy s10plus from 20% to 100% in about 50 minutes. Usually charge my phone once a day on my way home from work which is about a 35min ride home and my battery averages ar 35 % then by the time in home around 85% . I have quality of material a 4 star because the usb c cable it came with literary just stopped working in 4 days from arrival . Wasnt a big deal I have plenty of cables .

Traci Sullivan
Verified Buyer

I have this living permanently in my travel kit, and this is the third one I've bought. The other two, have been perma-borrowed by my friends for their cars. I use this mostly when I travel, at home I have a larger, more powerful option, with more ports. However if you're not juggling 3 phones+devices, this might just do you just fine by itself.

Sophie Klein
Verified Buyer

Great car charger, fast charging works great and the material quality is superb, the body is made entirely out of aluminum and feels hefty but compact. I would seriously recommend this over any other brand, I was fan of anker for all sort of chargers but in car chargers this is the king.

Siya Whitehouse
Verified Buyer

I pretty much exclusively use Anker when it comes to chargers and cables and such but when I was looking for a car charger they didn't have exactly what I wanted. I found this one through a review online and gave it a try. The build quality is actually top notch, surprisingly good, and the form factor is perfect, and actually what drew me to this one. Most of the other chargers that meet this high of a wattage are much larger, but this one barely sticks out at all. And lastly, it does in fact quick charge, and I've tried this on multiple phones, Iphone and Android both. Great charger.

Vanesa Martinez
Verified Buyer

I chose this charger for the low profile and metal build. The plastic ones always eventually have problems. I also like the fact that it has the USB C as well as the regular USB port. It's a quick charge charger and doesn't get hot when constantly used. The cable was an added bonus as you can never have too many!

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